Overly Excited or Too Easily Amused? You Decide.

My excitement from the weekend:

Well, it finally happened...we bought storage cubes for the living room! Okay, so storage cubes weren't always the plan to put next to the expedit, but they look amazing and finally give a home to some odds and ends in our apartment that had yet to find a home (after 3 months in the apartment!). They look sleek and clean and I'm so glad to have a place for all the things in my lovely little apartment that I love.

I was so excited this weekend to find that you could see my lighted Halloween pumpkins in my window from University Avenue! Me and Geoff were returning home from dinner with Matt and Lindsay (to find ourselves locked out, but that's a whole 'nother story), and as we turned the corner, there were my 5 little pumpkins hanging in the window, bright as day! I about jumped through the roof, and Geoff - although pleased with the lights himself -undoubtedly (and perhaps rightly) found me to be a bit over-excited.

I also bought myself a million cookie cutters last week (okay, I think it's really 150, but if there's anything you should know about me by now, it's that I tend to be a bit of an exaggerator - I think it runs in the family). I'm so excited to make Halloween sugar cookies and decorate them. Hopefully I'll get to do that soon this week!

On a less exciting note: Saturday afternoon we went for a family bike ride in the canyon with Geoff, his parents, and his brother and sister. Well, everyone else went on a bike ride. I took my bike for a nice scenic walk. About a third of the way home, my front tire gave up on holding air. Conveniently, my mom wasn't busy right then, so I chatted with her as I slowly made my way out of the canyon and Geoff sped home at top speed to come pick me up. At least the weather was nice!

And, for your viewing pleasure, some belated photos from DevCon (The PBS Development Conference I attended in San Antonio earlier this month).

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  1. I was totally planning on making Halloween Sugar cookies too! I have cookie cutters that I want to use as well! Maybe we could make them together? Saturday?