Things are moving along.

Last weekend I went on a "girl's weekend" with Tissa, Amanda E, and Joanna. We stayed in a cute little hotel, ate at cafes, sat in the hot tub, floated in the naturally warm water of The Crater , shopped in Park City, and froze in the first snow of the season (what season is it, anyway?).

Rubio wore his coat for the first time this season on Sunday(pictures pending). It was much more snug this year than last year - but still as cute as anything I've ever seen! It's supposed to be in the seventies this weekend, though, so the coat will have to go away until the schizophrenic Utah weather decides what season it actually is.

I put up our Halloween decorations...a sad sight. I opened the box labeled "October" on Sunday night to find that most of the contents were either birthday related or costume related. I had three Halloween garlands, some candles, some lighted pumpkins and a window cling that says "cemetary" on it. It's somewhat depressing, but I still put them up and it brought me a little joy to decorate my little apartment.

Today, I have experienced a few oddities - I'm hoping they are signs that the end of the election is soon to come. :)

Odd things that occurred today:

On my way into the office, a rooster called out to welcome the sun...it was 8:15am, the sun had been up for at least half hour...and I don't work anywhere I would expect a rooster (little Jerry, is that you?).

On my way back from lunch, my speedometer told me I was going 55 as I drove by the 55 MPH sign and noted that the dash also read 55 degrees as the temperature.


  1. Either it's some sort of election-eveish phenomenon, or it's all a sign of the apocalypse.

    I guess that's not true. Now, if it were all sixes instead of fives, we might be taking it more seriously.

    Just for your information, it was 85 degrees here today. And the day before. And the day before that.

    Love you!

  2. P.S. At least Rubio can still wear his coat. Don't you just hate pulling out your winter (or summer) clothes and finding that they are too snug? My poor dog is currently suffering that humiliation.

    P.S. The Dollar Store has some really cheap halloween decos. They run about . . . a buck.