Texas Trippin'

Well, Geoff and I successful survived our trip to San Antonio (along with a handful of my co-workers).
We left on Wednesday (Oct 1) to spend my birthday traveling. The day did begin with a wake-up to a happily decorated house, bouncy music (blaring from my brand new iPod touch!), and lots of love from my handsome hubby. We ended up leaving a few minutes behind schedule and hopped in the car to find an illuminated "gas" light. Ugh. We stopped to get gas on the way to the airport. We also parked (Salt Lake City airport parking lot is about 100 miles from the actual airport), which lost us some much-needed time. We made it to the ticketing agent at about 5 after 1pm (for a 1:30 flight) and she told us we couldn't check in less than 30 minutes before the flight, but since we weren't checking luggage (a conscious choice due to American Airlines ludicrous $15 a bag fee) she was able to get our tickets free from the ticket machine. We rushed through security (breaking all the rules about liquids and pushing my own luggage though the scanner) and made a run for the gate. We made it in the nick of time, panting and exhausted - making every attempt to avoid the questioning glances from my co-workers. But - we made it! Although, it was at this point, I should mention, that Geoff realized his phone and keys were still at the security checkpoint, but he was able to get them back before the plane left.
After a stop in Dallas, we landed successfully in San Antonio and checked into our hotel (pictures to follow at a later date).
After checking in, we went out to a karaoke-filled dinner with my co-workers, quite a treat, might I add. Geoff and I strolled around the city before returning to the hotel. San Antonio (at least while I was there) has PERFECT evening strolling weather. Not too hot, not cold at all, a little breezy occasionally and music softly emanating from undisclosed locations.
Just don't eat the chicken. Or the food in general. I learned a couple things about myself in San Antonio, the most important being this - Tex-Mex food is not for me. I will not miss the awkward texture of the chicken chunks used in most meals or the variety-lacking restaurants that dotted the River Walk. The ambiance was perfect...but the food was unsatisfactory.
Our last night there, we went to a mirror maze downtown (very fun!) and to a movie (empty theatre, apparently movies aren't a big Friday night activity there).
My conference (the real reason I was there) was great. It was the PBS Development Conference, for those of you who don't know. I learned a lot, met some fun people, and overall feel it was a great experience. Lance Armstrong came and talked to us, Jim Lehrer joined us via satellite, Ken Burns addressed us on the first day - very cool. It all kind of boosted my confidence in what I do and how I can do it more effectively. Back to work on Monday! :)


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  1. Sounds fun~ I really wish my work required travel! Haha I love traveling more than most things. I'm glad you had fun, and I will keep in mind not to eat the food!