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So, this is my very first blog on our site and I am (as usual) at a loss of words to begin my thoughts. Lets see, Amanda was right when she said that we survived a trip to San Antonio, while it was a good experience what she failed to mention was that I was fairly sick the entire trip. Because the food wasn't very enjoyable and I wasn't feeling particularly wonderful our dinning experiences were complete flops for me. I really didn't eat more then 1 thing that was delicious. The "meal" (*shutters*) that I did like was a very large baked potato smothered in cheese, ham, and spectacular bacon. Honestly it had to cool for about 20 minutes before I could eat any of the actual potato. Which reminds me of another thing about San Antonio, they are not in any sort of hurry to feed you. The average wait time for us, in a sit down restaurant was about 30 minutes from sit down to food delivery. That is long time to wait, erg. Maybe I should learn to order when I am not hungry that way by the time the food is there I will be able to chow down. Despite the horrible food experience, San Antonio was a very pleasant place to be. Amanda was right the temperature was amazingly nice at dusk and strolling along the riverwalk holding her hand was quite a treat. So all and all, it was a good experience. 

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  1. When Doug and I were in San Antonio years ago, we were waiting at the airport and we were STARVING. I ordered a baked potato from one of those airport-food shacks (and you can imagine how long ago it must have been if I was actually eating potatoes). Anyway, the spud they handed me was SO HUGE I needed two plates to carry it to the table. I kid you not.

    As a side note, my luggage got lost and I had to wear the same clothes for four days. I was the only person at a 10,000 seat auditorium for a rodeo in black slacks. Embarrassing.