Aside from the fact that trunk-or-treat makes no sense (give me a treat or I'll trunk you!), we had the oppotunity to take Rubio to his very first trunk-or-treat last night. Haha. Everyone else brings their kids all decked out in their Halloween costumes - us? We bring our dog dressed as a lobster. He was a hit! And he made a great addition to our trunk which had battery operated eyeball lights, "caution" tape, pumpkins, and plenty of candy. The kids from the ward looked super-cute and we got to see our sunbeams (one was dressed as a ninja, the other Cinderella), which was nice.

Probably the best costume of the night (in my opinion, maybe Geoff will have to post his later) was a mom and dad dressed as hikers with a terrible case of poison ivy and their 5 year old daughter dressed as a thicket of poison ivy. Very cute. There were also a couple kids dressed like flies that were very fantastic.

I finally used my new cookie cutters to make some seriously cute cookies. I used a little too much flour, so the cookies are a little dry, but it was just the first stab at it, luckily there's a week until Halloween which gives me plenty of time to get it right. Last night as I was decorating my second round, I wanted to make colored frosting (the first round I only decorated with sprinkles, which is pretty hard!). I didn't have any food coloring, so I got this bright idea - I'll mix some of the sugar sprinkles into the frosting - they are just colored sugar, so the sugar should dissolve leaving the color to turn my white frosting into wonderful shades of orange, green, and yellow. Right? Not so much. No matter how hard I tried, how fast I mixed, or how many sprinkles I added to the frosting...there was no color change...I now just had a lump of white frosting with orange sprinkles. I used it anyway. :)

Oh! We bought our pumpkins last night which means it's time for pumpkin carving! I'm not quite sure what I'll carve yet, but I'll definitely post some pics when we're done.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Yay!! I love Halloween! You cookies are darling. I still want to do that, in fact I think I will on Saturday. So did we decide on Pumpkin carving and whether or not we are doing them together?

  2. How come it took this long for me to know you have a blog???!! :) Thanks for stumbling across ours! Maybe we can stay in touch better now! Yay for Halloween!

  3. If you don't start using a "real" camera soon I'm gonna have to come there and buy you one! (Those photos are too cute not to be a bazillion mega-pickles.). I'll send you a photo of Rubi as a ladybug--if the pickles will fit on your screen!

    How did you and Gee dress? I enjoyed my stint as Mrs. Ronald McDonald last night. However, I'd rather be Mama G.
    Love you oodles of heck.