Need Some Amusement?

Are you ready, friends? We are going to play a little game. For your reading pleasure I have compiled a list of my 10 best blog posts since my lil' blog's inception in 2008.

Please peruse them at you leisure and then come back and vote for you favorite out of the bunch. If you would like to entered to win a little holiday prize, also leave a comment here on this blog and include which blog post was your favorite.

And now, for the good stuff (in chronological order):
Voting closes December 21st at 2pm CST

Blog 1 which really must be
read in conjunction with this post.


  1. The yellow snow was pretty funny, but I'm voting for Blog 4 - Microwave Instructions!

  2. Blog 6. Because rude people are everywhere and they must be vanquished!

  3. Definitely #10 because I really want a siamese slanket! Can't you see me and Chris enjoying that now?

  4. I vote for 1 or 3... I can't decide which (obv. you know i can't make decisions) I totally remember the pirate thing but I don't remember which coworker said it... who was it?

  5. Blog 4 for sure! So funny! Those images just don't make sense. And you are SO witty. I love it :)

  6. Okay, here's the deal:

    Blog 4 (the Levitating Cubes and microwaving in the rain, particularly) caused a bonafide LOL (again) at the Courthouse awaiting Jury Duty.

    Blog 2 is probably the funniest "quickie" I've ever enjoyed. Think whatever thoughts you will about that .... but some blogs are "quickies" while others, well, take longer!

  7. Most definitely blog 2. The picture is literally worth a thousand words! I completely cracked up reading that post. :)