Walk the Plank, Matey

Another amusing happenstance at work I feel the need to report on for anyone who needs a giggle.

I was heating up my lunch and standing around in the membership room next to the microwave. I was looking around the room when I spotted an earring that I had lost about 3 days ago. I yelped with joy as I walked over to collect it and explained to my co-workers that I had lost it and found myself getting ready for bed to find I had only one earring.

To this, my co-worker replied, "Like a pirate?"

At which point, I got a little too chatty (what else is new) and proceeded to tell him that I had always wanted to be a pirate. And that it was my mom's fault - she had passed it down to me. And that she almost got to be a pirate once because she had to wear a patch; but it was a white, gauzy patch and not the kind that pirates get to wear.

My food was done at this point in my pirate rantings, so I turned to leave the room and as I exited, I heared my co-worker responding to my story, "Of course, because we all know that the desire to be a pirate is genetic."



  1. Well, of course it's genetic. Something has to explain my pegleg.

  2. what?!?!?
    I missed this.
    was it blaine?

  3. That's exactly what I thought too! "Was it Blaine?" Oh how I miss the random conversations we all used to have.

    And Amanda - I just found your blog today so now you get to hear from me some more, aren't you excited?