Happy Doggydays

I've been enjoying this holiday season very much. Shopping, especially, has been very fun and surprisingly easy. I've snatched up a slew of fun presents to give to family, friends, and the hub and haven't found the process to be stressful or aggravating in the least.

As a dog owner, I'm a sucker for pet-themed items. I love little toys that squeak and candy-cane shaped raw-hides. Both my dogs have stockings and I love to stick delicious-smelling treats way down in the toe of the sock and watch them stick their whole heads inside in an attempt to find the source of the lovely smell.

So, I'm at TJ Maxx the other night when I come across their pet section. I'm finding the usual - collar tags and food bowls and toys and treats. And then I find this:
For a moment I am utterly speechless.

I mean...the "Legs Out Pet Carrier?"

"For maximum bonding time with your pet?"

My dogs are pretty laid back lil' guys...but if I shoved them into a baby carrier, I think they might turn vicious on me in a flash.

My advice to all you pet owners out there. If your idea of bonding with your dog is to wear him on your chest, maybe you should think about investing in a fish.

1 comment:

  1. Although a fish attached to the chest might attract your dogs, nuzzling for something that smells delicious ...

    And why, why, WHY do they always show my dog's "mini me" in compromising positions when advertising such products?

    Sheesh. Gives the shih tzu a questionable rep, yes it does.