Sky Mall: The Snuggie Edition

A few months back I wrote a blog post highlighting a few of my "favorite" items from the Sky Mall catalog. I was fortunate enough to be on a business trip last week and I got to peruse the Holiday edition of Sky Mall.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have likely come across a commercial for the confusing Snuggie product. Now, let me be frank, I own a Snuggie. However, I am as aware as you are that it is a STUPID product. A blanket with sleeves? Ever heard of a sweatshirt?

Anyhow, by whatever stroke of luck, the Snuggie has become quite a fad. So much, in fact, that you can now see 'knock-off' Snuggies practically everywhere you go. They have super-creative (note: sarcasm) names like "The Slanket", "The Cuddler", "The Dreamie", and my personal favorite "The Toasty Wrap."

So, imagine my amusement as I was flipping through the pages of the Sky Mall Catalog when I came across not 1, not 2, but 3 EXCITING new Snuggie varients.

1) The Electric Body Blanket

Yes, you read that right, "the world's first electric blanket with sleeves!" This is innovation at it's finest, folks. Finally I can "answer the phone" AND "stay toasty warm on the couch" OR "in a chair." That may be a Christmas miracle right there.

2) The Wish Wrap

I'm not even sure where to begin with this one. A Snuggie wrap that you can wear "around town?" (and, please note that the girl who is willing to wear her Snuggie as a wrap is also wearing a powder blue bodysuit). But that's not even where it's at its most confusing. Read on: "It features a Wish Pocket (TM) that lets you carry your fondest wishes with you wherever you go."
Firstly, let's give them a high five for trademarking the "wish pocket." Now they are safe from some other enterprising young soul who thinks that telling you what to put in your pocket is going to make him rich. And, seriously? My fondest wishes? In my pocket?

3) The Slanket Siamese

No, folks, this is not a joke. There is now a blanket out there for your purchase with not 1, not 2, but four sleeves. Okay, guys, go out and get one of these right away because the ladies...they are gonna be so jazzed when you take them home and suggest you share a slanket (please note sarcasm).


  1. Sweet Holy Moses. I am speechless, almost.

    Slanket Siamese? Are you kidding me? I guess political correctness was sort of thrown out of the proverbial window on the SkyMall Jet! And a Wish Pocket? If I'm wishing for something in my pocket, it's got lots of zeroes on it.

    True sidenote: Martha Stewart now markets a Nuddle (add nap and cuddle together!). What next?

  2. Hahaahah Are you kidding me?? Wow. That wish one is jut absolutely ridiculous! Does anyone really buy that???

  3. I just want to make sure you know this post absolutely made my day! I think only something as powerful as the Wish Pocket and the Siamese Slanket could break me out of the stress of finals week! Thank you , thank you. This is fantastic!