Merry Christmas!

I don't know about you, but Geoff and I had a wonderful holiday. It was our first Christmas that was just the two of us. And, while we definitely missed having family and friends with us for the holiday, we made the most of it.

On Christmas Eve Geoff had to work, so I slept in a little bit and then got the house in tip-top shape. When he got home (early) from work, we started our day of fondue off with a cheese fondue appetizer and dipped asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower and Italian bread while we played Yahtzee and Phase 10.

Then Geoff worked on moving the presents and the tree up upstairs (where we would open everything in the morning) while I prepared the second course of the fondue - the meat course. We enjoyed three types of meat (chicken, beef and pork) cooked up in the oil fondue with 4 dipping sauces while we watched Home Alone 2.
After the meat course we went upstairs and had the spiritual part of our Christmas Eve. We decided we were too stuffed for the final course (the chocolate fondue) and we each opened a present before heading off to bed.

Christmas morning arrived and Geoff tried to get me to wake up at 6:30am...I shrugged him off and we slept until about 9am. The dogs found their stockings right away (can't hid the smell of fresh treats and chewies from them). They chewed away, happy as little clams, the whole time we were opening presents. We opened all our presents one at a time, taking turns. It was so much fun to finally see what had been hiding in all of those packages. We got tons of fun stuff (which I won't list for you here) including Geoff's long-awaited 28-inch monitor and a granite-topped kitchen island that Geoff built for me - we'll be staining the wood soon (pictured below).
I made "Spicy Breakfast Casserole" which was so delicious we each overate. For dinner we had ham, garlic mashed potatoes, cheddar biscuits, and asparagus.

Sunday we sang a duet in church (Hark, the Herald Angels Sing) despite Geoff feeling pretty ill.

Overall it was a wonderful Christmas and I am so glad to have Geoff to share it all with me. There's no one else I'd rather have by my side!

Merry Christmas!

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