Weddings and Birthdays and everything nice

So, I felt kind of important this weekend. I got to take a short trip to California to attend Lindsay (my future Sis-in-law) 's two bridal showers. Taking a weekend trip felt like something real, important people do. Alas, I realize I am not actually an important person, but I'm fine with pretending.

The bridal showers were lovely, I've never met someone so loved. She got so many wonderful gifts! My green-eyed-monster inside was dying to come out, but I was able to keep him sequestered within my brain. Matt's a lucky guy (for so many reasons)!

My parents also took me out for birthday celebrations (two days away!!!). I got a new dress, two new pairs of work pants and a new shirt. Not to mention a snazzy sombrero from Chevys - let's be honest, now, who doesn't enjoy a giant birthday sombrero?

A bit of advice: don't take a flight out of Oakland on the day of a Raiders home game. The airport was full of creepy, semi-inebriated Raiders' fans who felt it was necessary to comment on my behind. The most amusing quote of the night came from one Raider's fan who, as I walked by (attempting to go unnoticed) shouts, "Oh, I needed that!" I glanced over to give him a dirty look, but he appeared too pleased with himself to care and proceeded to wink at me. It's going to take a couple showers to get over that one. It was refreshing to come home to the arms of my husband.

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  1. You need to carry a big stick to give those inebriated dudes a big poke wherever they need a-pokin'. I'd tell you that's what I always do, except in the entire history of the life of Dianne Dalton or Gamblin, no one (inebriated or otherwise)has ever made such a comment about my behind.

    Sadly, at this point, I would probably even appreciate it. And even wink right back.


    Miss you already!