Rest? What's that?

So, at my regular Dr. appt on Wednesday, my blood pressure had been up a bit.  Thursday I wasn't feeling well - headache, exhausted (I went to bed at 8:30pm, pretty unusual for me, even at 36 weeks pregnant), so Friday during my lunch break I stopped at Geoff's pharmacy and took my blood pressure.  It was 144/97.  Not so great.  So, I called the hospital and asked if they wanted me to come in so they could take it with their cuff.  They got, essentially, the same reading.

They then whisked me off to the birthing center (in a wheelchair...across the hall) to hook the baby up to a monitor and run some labs.  The good news: the baby looked perfect and the labs came back clean, so no preeclampsia diagnosis   The bad news: none of that explains the high BP.  So, I've been put on bed rest for the weekend and I go back Monday morning to get my BP checked again.

On Monday, I'll be 37 weeks - so if I'm going to have any BP problems, this is a pretty okay time to get them, since I'm considered full term and there's no concern if I needed to be induced or if I went into labor now.

My problem?  This bed rest concept.  I was just joking with my mom that my typical idea of a day of rest means doing laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning.  This weekend I was planning to get my hospital bag packed for L&D, as well.  As it turns out, that is not what falls into the list of acceptable activities while you are on bed rest.  Hence the unusual Saturday afternoon blog post.

I sent the hub to the grocery store over an hour ago - I'm not sure why he's not back yet.  Lol.  I guess we're all a little out of our norms.  Wish me luck and keep little Ace in your thoughts and prayers!

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  1. Oh dear. An unaccompanied man in a grocery store is risky business indeed!