Did Anyone Else Hear That?

So, Geoff and I are at our Lamaze Childbirth Education Class.  We are discussing infant care - you know the part that comes after the baby is born and the hospital lets you go home with a 2-day old human being

So, we are talking about all the responsibilities of being a parent.  Our teacher (a nurse named Amy - or possibly Aimee, something I wondered about throughout most of the 4 3-hour sessions) is discussing the importance of teaching our kids to be active early in life. 

She is saying, "Obesity rates are getting so high in children as they become more sediment..."

She keeps talking [about sediment children]...but at this point I am no longer listening as my gaze has shot over to my husband and my eyebrows have nearly jumped off my face as our gaze meets and we both try to prevent ourselves from bursting out into laughter. 

I'm looking around the room to see if others have caught this hilarity - but I see no indications.  Either everyone is better at pretending or no one else caught that children are becoming SEDIMENT at an alarming rate. 

Note: For those of you who may be reading my blog wondering what I'm talking about - the correct word choice here would have been sedentary. Sediment = "the matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid."

So, here I am, sitting in class now pondering which one is more important to me - 1) that my child is physically active and maintains a healthy body weight? or 2) that my child has a working knowledge of the English language and can tell me difference between sediment and sedentary?

I guess we're going to have to shoot for both with lil' Ace.


  1. That is so funny! Can't believe she didn't notice her flaw! Good thing she isn't teaching you English!

  2. Sedimentary, my dear Watson. Sedimentary.