Baby. Shower.

This past weekend I had a wonderful baby shower that was generously thrown for my by some friends in the ward.  Truthfully (and here's my 'poor pregnant me' moment), I had not expected to have one.  I'm not a terribly social person and although I have some awesome co-workers and church friends, I just didn't anticipate having a baby shower.  Then all in one day, three friends in the ward offered.  It was a wonderful treat. 

So, Saturday was the day.  We had a brunch-time baby shower with mini-cinnamon rolls, muffins, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, egg/sausage bake and cheesy hash browns.  All the food was delicious (and so appropriate for me - since breakfast food is my favorite).  We played a few games, talked about babies, opened presents and had an all around great time (these are just the pics from my phone - hopefully I'll have more to share later from the photographer of the day).  You can't tell in my picture below, but the water bottles have shower-themed labels on them with elephants and giraffes.  So cute.

By the time I left, there was no room left in my trunk!  Baby boy is already so loved and spoiled.  I'm so glad to have such wonderful people in our lives - especially with family so far away (although the big, striped blue and the smaller brown and green polka dotted bags in my trunk did make their way from Mama G and Auntie Amanda in California). 
Thanks to everyone who helped make my day special and who loves my little boy.  Geoff and I are so excited for him to make his debut into this world. 


  1. I wish wish wish that I had been there. But I will soon you soon ... maybe four weeks and six days?

  2. Ug! I am with your mom and SO wish that we could've all rallied and flown up there (or flew you out) and had another amazing baby shower! I'm so glad that you have some good ward members to do that for you :-D Your present from some of the Parker girls will be on it's way from Dallas to Fargo in 2 days! (according to UPS package tracker)