Home Stretch

Raise your hand if you can believe I've been pregnant for 35 weeks 2 days?  No?  Me, neither. 

I can't believe that, quite literally, any day my little boy could be on his way into the world.  He's weighing in at anywhere between 5 and 6 pounds this week.  I was born at 35 weeks.  My little boy is going to keep cooking for a least a few more weeks, I'm sure, but, he's almost full term and if I were to go into labor today, there would be very little cause for alarm. 

His room is ready.  It's my favorite room in the house.  I love to go sit in there and read or just look at all his wonderful things.  I need to wash all his adorable little clothes and sheets and blankets - a task for the weekend, get the car seat installed in the car, and purchase some receiving blankets (can you believe I don't have any?).  Beyond that [and him needing a name] I'm pretty much ready to bring this little guy home.

My office recently started a pool to guess his arrival date/time.  Any guesses out there in cyberspace?

Some nursery pics for your viewing pleasure:


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