Before and After

Although my glider's transformation is not quite complete, it's complete enough to show you. 
Now, as you may recall, sewing is not one of my well-developed skills.  I know enough not to be terrified of the idea of a sewing project...but not quite enough to know how terrified I SHOULD be. 

It all started with fabric selection.  This took awhile as Geoff and I had a pretty good idea what we wanted...but a hard time finding it.  Not to mention we weren't sure what to do about curtains.  After deciding to go neutral on the curtains, we were free to move forward with bolder fabric on the chair.  Below is a pic of the three main fabrics in the room.  The leaves and stripes we bought for the chair and they coordinate beautifully with the bedding/bed skirt as you can see in the pic. 

So, I looked up a couple tutorials online (here and here), took what I found useful from each and dove in.  I started with the seat cushion, since that seemed the most basic.  And it was!  Once that was finished, I felt a little more empowered moving forward. 

The back cushion was significantly more challenging.  But, with some patience and careful planning, I think it turned out darn good (a little wrinkled from all the manipulating I had to do - I'm going to have to figure out a way to steam it). 

The arm covers were by far the hardest because they are the weirdest shape since they wrap around the wood of the chair.  Plus, they have these snaps that hold them in place and I didn't want to deal with replacing snaps.  Anyway, I got my genius on and figured out the necessary cutting and pleating to make the top piece bend over the arm and I added pockets in the striped fabric (you can't see them in any of the pictures...so they kind of feel like a waste of time now since they aren't visible). 

Lastly, I recovered the ottoman using the handy-dandy staple gun.  And...Voila! (Yes, mother, I said that just for you).

Before                                          After 
Another view of the After
Clearly my next project?  WALL ART.


  1. Clearly, my daughter is a genius. Great work!


  2. I'm getting so excited for you guys :)