Freeze Frame

Snippits from the last couple weeks.

* Although you may pay them a stash of cash every month, your insurance company really WON'T make your life any easier when you are in an accident.  4 weeks later and we are probably still 7-10 days from getting our car back. 

* Geoff and I found a great glider for the nursery on Craigslist.  I love to go sit in the nursery and just imagine what it will be like with little Ace.
* However much of a hassle buying and selling books at the BYU Bookstore was, NDSU's sham of a bookstore has shown me that I should be grateful for BYU and my books. 

* I secretly wish I'd gotten pregnant a month sooner, because I cannot describe how much I love all the little Halloween/fall outfits for sale at clothing stores for infants right now.  I can't believe I have to wait a full year before I can celebrate Halloween with my little one.

* My son has another 6 or so pounds to gain before he is born.  That sounds like a whole lot of baby in my belly. 

* I passed my glucose test with flying colors.  No gestational diabetes for this lady. 
Our work bought us new office chairs so we all match (it definitely looks better), so I bid a fond farewell to "the Throne."

* Geoff and I went to the temple last Saturday and there's not much better than spending the morning there.

* Whenever I am counting down to November, I skip October altogther.  For some reason, my brain is convinced the calendar goes from September to November. 

* Even though pregnancy has rendered me a pretty lazy lump who falls asleep pretty much any time I sit down, the hub is so good to me.  I'm so glad he's mine and we get to start our family together. 

* Our Anniversary is tomorrow (4 years!), so stay tuned for an undoubtedly sappy post about that tomorrow. 

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  1. I'm still smiling about your reference to baby Ace. If Ryan and Kendall named their boy Spike ...

    I, too, have been skipping months. I go directly from September to November! I guess we are getting antsy!