Oh, baby.

So, the biggest question on the mind of an expectant mother (at least THIS expectant mother) is:

What the heck is this kid going to look like!!

Will he be a blonde baby like his daddy or grandmas?  Will he be brunette like his mom and great-grandma?  Will he have black hair like his grandpa and uncle?  Will he be a surprise redhead like his great-grandpa?

We he he have blue eyes like his daddy's family?  Or brown eyes like his mom's?  Or green eyes like his grandma's? 

Will he have fair, white skin like his parents?  Or will he inherit that great olive-toned skin like his aunt and grandma?

Will he be tall like much of his extended family?  Or more average like his immediate family?

The options seem endless.  While I can't answer any of those questions definitively until on or around November 14th, I CAN let you admire the following pictures and imagine for yourself.

Baby Geoff (sorry for the poor quality of Geoff's photos.  They are photos of photos, one day I'll scan them in, I swear):

 Baby Amanda:

Already a ham! 

So, weigh in - what do YOU think Baby Parker is going to look like?


  1. What cute baby photos! I didn't realize Geoff had that much hair. That first picture of him looks a lot like Lily. My guess for your baby is blonde (at least as a kid) and brown eyes and fair skin and average height. By the looks of yours and Geoffs baby pics he will be a chunky with cute cheeks. :) Seeing your baby pictures make me want to go dig out mine and Derek's. :)

  2. Oh my cuteness! There is no doubt he will be adorable!

  3. I'm kinda going with Eizabeth on this one and imagining brown eyes and blonde hair. It is hard to even imagine a baby related to your pop without brown eyes, but it is bound to happen!

    Green eyes would make me and Millie Dalton smile ... But I love him no matter, but he couldn't be more adorable than his mama!