4 Years

It's hard to believe that I've reached a point where I've been married for 1/6 of my life.  Now, 1/6 may not seem like all that much...but it's more time then I spent in college.  It's more time then I've been in the post-grad workforce.  It's the same amount of time I spent in high school. 

It also makes me realize how much life Geoff and I have to live together.  We've been married only a fraction of the time we will be married (taking eternity out of the picture, even, and just referring to our lifetime).  I can't believe how little time 4 years really is; how insignificant high school and college end up being in the big scheme of things, and how the things that really matter are who you have around you and the life that each of those days and years adds up to become. 

I am so grateful that Geoff and I made the decision to be married those 4 years ago.  I'm grateful for the love that he shows me every single day.  I'm grateful for his kindness and his strength.  I'm grateful that we still laugh so hard sometimes it hurts.  I'm grateful that we had such wonderful examples from our own parents.  I'm grateful that we are starting our family together.  I'm glad that Geoff's outgoing personality pushes me outside of my comfort zone from time to time.  I'm grateful for the two wonderful pups we have (I can't believe Rubio is 4 and Rom is 2!).  I'm grateful that he still thinks I'm beautiful (even though I'm pretty sure at 27 weeks pregnant, I'm turning into a whale).  I'm grateful for him

When I married Geoff, I knew he was a good match for me.  I never knew how much better matched we would continue to grow over the years. 

Happy Fourth Anniversary, Man-Face.  Here's to many, many more!

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