25 weeks pregnant in my 25th year!

Raise your hand if you can believe I'm 25 weeks pregnant this week! 

Note: I am not 25 yet, but I will be this year. 

Note: My hand is not raised. 

It's crazy how quickly time slips by.  Crazy in a good way.  I'm so ready to be a mom to this lil' guy.  At the rate he's been bouncing around in there, I think he's getting excited, too.  He's been pretty active since the beginning (I first felt movement around 15 weeks, he rarely sits still long enough to get his heart rate calculated, we couldn't get a good 3D image of him at the ultrasound because he wouldn't stop moving around), but they say the most active time for a baby-in-utero is 24-30 weeks, and this little guy has been no exception to that.  It's wonderful.  Pregnancy has pretty much agreed with me so far.  No morning sickness, no (extreme) emotional roller coasters - just a few mood swings here and there.  Mostly I tire more easily then when non-pregnant and am hungry nearly all the time. 

Here are a few of my "symptoms" I have had:

Current Pregnancy Symptoms (read: gripes)

1) Heartburn - I can hardly eat anything anymore without getting heartburn immediately after.  I definitely can't sleep without it.  I have two bottles of tums in the house - one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom - and one at work.  They are my best friend. 
2) Back Pain - This started a couple weeks ago, but has been steadily increasing.  If I sit or stand in one position for too long, my back lets me know it's time to switch it up.  I'm thinking I might make a chiropractor appointment soon.
3) Swelling - This doesn't happen super often, but last night was a great example.  We'd been sitting at the kitchen table playing Rage (a great card game, everyone should own it) with the fam.  I stood up to walk to the kitchen to get myself some ice cream and I noticed that my lower half of  my body felt stiff and numb-ish.  I thought I'd just been sitting in one position for too long.  I made it to the kitchen before I looked down at my feet.  My ankles and feet were swollen up like balloons!  Not a good sign for the next 15 weeks!  My mother-in-law offered me a foot massage, however, and that helped the swelling quite a bit.  By this morning they were almost back to normal (and for those of you who are familiar with my ankles, you may know that they already looked swollen in their slimmest state). 

Speaking of the in-laws.  Geoff's family (Mom, Dad, and three of his younger siblings) have been in town since last Thursday.  They leave this morning and it was a blast having them here.  We went tubing down the Otter Tail River and splashed around in Detroit Lakes.  We played croquet and tennis in the park and strolled around downtown Fargo.  We played mini-golf and rode go karts and arcade games.  We rode bikes.  We played ping pong and Just Dance on the Wii and Guitar Hero on the playstation.  We ate lots of yummy food and played tons of games together.  It was a great week.  We'll miss having them here. 


  1. Time to sit back, sip some ice water, put those feet up after work and let Geoff wait on you. It's the least he can do. When it comes to making babies, men have it way too easy!


  2. If your heartburn gets that bad, ask your ob for some prescription meds! I did not even know that was an option when I was pregnant with Lorelei, and boy do I wish I had known! I get heartburn pretty badly with every pregnancy. Hope it gets better!

  3. I only had swollen feet when I was hot. Stay cool and drink lots of water and that helps a lot. Blast that a/c if you have to. :) I remember going to Steffanie's wedding when I was prego with Abby. It was June. I was 7 1/2 months along. I flipped out because my ankles and feet were HUGE and they had never done that. The day we got back to San Diego they went right back to normal and never swelled after that. Thank goodness my only summer pregnancy was in San Diego! I had it a little with Kate at the end with it being the end of May and all. Keep cool and stay off your feet as much as possible!