The Rundown

I feel like I have so little to blog about as of late. But then, when I really think about it, our lives are far from boring around here. Here's a quick rundown:

1) Geoff's car is at the body shop pending repairs from an accident (this is a long story - one that Geoff would like to forget, so we'll move on - Note: Geoff did not cause the accident, nor was he even driving the car at the time of the accident). In the meantime we are driving a rental car. We have determined that the Chevy Aveo is not for us, but are thankful for the discounted rate since we rented through the body shop.

2) Rubio and Romulus got a much-needed grooming. Post-grooming it was clear that Rubio had some serious skin irritation going on. I made him an appointment to the vet right away and he is now on a battery of medications to fight multiple infections (three pills and a cream every morning). That. Poor. Dog. He's a champ, though, and seems to be feeling a lot better already.

3) It's been a stormy summer here in Fargo and beside the whole fence incident, we've faired pretty well. A storm this past weekend finally took down a huge branch on our front tree, forcing Geoff to become a tree trimmer. Watching him climb the tree with the saw hanging from his belt loop was pretty fun.

4) Baby boy is the length of an ear of corn this week (apparently). He weighs about a pound and a quarter and is getting pretty vigorous with his kicking. We can now watch my belly twitch while he does his circus act in there. It's hard to believe we are only a month away from the third trimester. One of the hardest parts about being so far from family is the realization that I have to OWN everything. I can't borrow or steal from family if I don't have everything (although my sister-in-law did offer to send me my nephew's old clothes - and that will be a dream come true!). The list-making has commenced.

5) Geoff's fam is coming into town tomorrow and will be here for about 6 days. It's going to be great to have them around and hopefully the weather cooperates so we don't have to spend any time crouching in the basement avoiding tornadoes (my family came out following our first snowstorm last year and a few days filled with negative temps - it would be nice if someone got to see Fargo at its best!).

Carry on!


  1. Oh no! Why does everything happen to Rubio?!

  2. I wish I had some brain cells left. Duh! I could have sent some baby stuff with my parents. I am not thinking! It's sounds like you have a lot of stuff though. Although I still use most of my baby stuff I did stop nursing so I could have lent my pump and bags and boppy. I do have two bouncers too (although one is pink :))

    I love all the baby names you have on your list. You sound like us with very traditional names. I'm glad there is nothing too weird on your lists. ;) If Lily was a boy she would probably have been Jack. I love that name! I also like Joseph and call him Joey. Good luck with your choosing. I don't think you can go wrong. As much as I like the name Lily it has taken me the longest of all 3 to get used to calling her that. Sometimes it takes some time getting used to it.

  3. Oh and good luck hosting a house full! I wish I could be there too! I would have loved to come. I found out from the 4 hour trip to Colorado that Lily is not much of a traveler. Shes not a fan of her carseat (unlike most newborns). Love you guys! I'm so excited for you little one!