To the Infirmiry.

Well, yesterday afternoon I was at the mall with Steffanie and Stephanie (Steff and I had just gotten the CUTEST 4th of July pedicures - see photo) when my phone rang and it was Geoff at work. He told me he was in a ton of pain and wanted me to come take him to the insta-care (or doc-in-the-box as my mom would call it). Since I've never seen Geoff go to the doctor since I've known him, I knew he was in some serious pain.

I went and picked him up from work and took him to a nearby instacare. They talked to him and determined that he was having a "textbook" (as the doctor put it) migraine. She prescribed Imitrex for the future and then explained that the best way to get over a migraine if you are already in the middle of it is "deep sleep." To help facilitate this "deep sleep" they gave Geoff three injections.

As of the time I left for work this morning Geoff was still pretty much incoherent. I'll be surprised if he even remembers our conversations (which mostly comprise of Geoff falling asleep mid-sentence and then waking up to finish the sentence a moment later or Geoff mumbling something that is barely recognizable as the english language). I'm hopeful that he'll be feeling better once the medication wears off. But, if not, I'm glad we went to the doc and made sure it was nothing more serious and that he'll have some medication to help if this happens in the future!

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  1. Ugh. I absolutely LOATH Migraines!! I am so sorry for Geoff. Hope he feels better soon!