Bowling is Good for the Soul

When Geoff and I first started dating, we went bowling a lot. This is primarily because he lived at home and I lived in BYU housing, so we needed a good place to go out without spending too much. A cheap-o bowling alley in Lindon (which is now a SCHOOL btw) did a 50 cent per game promotion every Tuesday and Thursday. My average score grew from a 68 or so to a 125 or so during that time.

Since Geoff's return from the mish, we haven't done quite as much bowling (mostly due to the aforementioned fact that the bowling alley is now an institution of learning for his younger brother). However, there is a bowling alley in Orem that does a $5 cover charge and 50 cent games on Tuesday and Thursday. Last Thursday, Stephanie and I wanted to go out to eat together and do something fun afterward. I remembered the cheap bowling and called Geoff to see if him and Scott wanted to join us (they did, of course). We had such a blast laughing and cheering and dancing and just being together. I haven't really had that much fun in awhile so I was really glad we did it.
Oh, and I did get the high score of the night with a 142.


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