Vegas #2

Friday in Vegas started off as lovely as Thursday had ended. Geoff and I awoke in our King Size bed in the Imperial Palace (thanks for the correction, mom) and got ready for the day. We checked out and drove over to the Venetian. We took our bags up to the parents suite and we all went to breakfast together.

Mom and Dad went down to the gym for awhile while Geoff and I relaxed a bit in the room. Around 11, we all went down to the pool. We swam and sunned (no one got burned!) for a couple hours. Then mom and dad went back to the Venetian's health club for something called "Aquavana" (which is now on my list of things I must do) while Geoff and I got ready for the day. We all went to Madame Toussads Wax Museum. It's really cool because at this museum they let you pose with, take pictures with, and pretty much do whatever you want with the figures. We had a blast taking photos and laughing.

Maybe the best part, though, was the gift shop where they had the most hilarious packs of gum/mints and chapstick with names like: "Accept the Fact that You're Aging" lip balm, "Be Naturally Monogomous" lip balm, and "Therapy in a Bottle." Mom and I, however, both purchased the "Supermodel Meal in a Box." The box has 8 pieces of cinnamon gum and announces that there are 8 complete meals! HILARIOUS.
After all that fun, we went back up to the suite to get ready for dinner at Wofgang Puck's restaraunt Postrio in the Venetian. It was delicious and nice to get dressed up and go out.
Mom and dad went over to see their show after that, so Geoff and I went back up to take advantage of the 1400 square foot suite!

And that's day two!


  1. The question is who took advantage of whom as you took advantage of the 1400 square foot suite? My guess is that it's a draw. :>)

    For the record, I have a pic of me in the big tub. Discreetly naked, like those roaming mobile ads with the bars across the you-know-whats.


  2. welp i can't stop cracking up!
    i want to be just like you when i grow up.

  3. Seriously, how is it that the writers of all the blogs I read, tons of the friends I have, and lots of people I know of all ended up in Vegas this past week?!

  4. Just a question--that gorgeous wax figure you are standing by near the doors--the astounding woman in the black and white dress--I know she must be famous but I can't quite place her face.

    Hmmn. Scarlet Johannsen? Michelle Pfeiffer? Maybe it's Kelly Ripa.