Kelly Ripa Wannabe

At the end of April, as you may recall, my mom came out and took me to Saint George for a much needed girls' weekend. Well, on that weekend I made a comment to her that she took some offense to intitially, but then came to accept. I told her she was a lot like Kelly Ripa in the way that she could just go on and on (and sometimes, on) about any old topic.

So, a couple weeks ago as I was writing my pirate post and how a simple comment about piracy (the floating, looting kind, not the movie/music-stealing kind) got me going on and on about the genetics of my pirate obsession and about 100 other things my co-worker didn't ask for, I realized that I, too, have this Kelly-esque quality.

Thus, the great idea was born. If Kelly makes a great talk-show host, then if my mother and I were to team up, we'd be the best duo since, well, Regis and Kelly.

Where do we sign?


  1. I am SO on board. And we can both be cute and charming, but we'll need to take turns. I get to go first, because of age before beauty and all, but then we can switch off, unless the audience really prefers me in which case I will be the boss of you because you are already the boss of other people at work and I never get to boss anybody, except Dad of course.

    But that is different altogether.

  2. I think you guys should do it. It's a definite hit.