Vegas #1

So much hilarity and mayhem went on during our weekend in Vegas that I don't want to try to squeeze it all into one post. This post will cover Thursday.

Thursday consisted mostly of driving. We left Orem at about noon. We had a lovely 5 hour drive and arrived in Vegas at about 4 (we lost an hour, which was sweet). We called my parents to see where we should go and they informed us that they had bought us one night at our own hotel (the Emperor's Palace). So, we head over and checked in.
Once we were all settled, we walked over to the Venetian to meet them in their suite. And sweet it was. 1400 square feet of luxury! We were all starving, so we head out to the buffet at Harrah's Casino. We had sushi and swordfish and crab legs and gelato and all kinds of amazing stuff. We then wandered our section of the strip a bit. The Venetian (and it's neighbor the Pallazo) have the most amazing shops I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure my knees went weak as we passed stores like Jimmy Choo, Barney's New York, and Manolo Blahnik. But, I did have my 'Prada' bag to at least make me feel as if I had the right to stand there. lol.
Above the shops, they have painted the ceiling like the sky. It's always dusk and the clouds are painted in such a way that they look like they are moving across the sky as you walk. It was incredible. We walked over to the mall, which was closing, so we then head over to the Wynn where mom and dad bought tickets to see La Reve the next night.

We then walked back to our respective hotels and made plans to meet the next morning for breakfast.


  1. I'm jealous that you got to shop in Vegas!

  2. Imperial Palace, silly. Not the Emperor's Palace. I think that's the place where nice girls really want to meet you. In 20. For 20.