Vegas #3

And, now, for all you eager beavers (okay, I'm pretty sure no one reading this is at all eager to read it...and I'm fairly confident there are no beavers) here is my next Vegas post.

We all slept in a little bit on Saturday and got out of bed around 9. After some breakfast eating and getting ready, mom and I head out for a little girl time. We drove over to the nearest movie theatre (at least according to Geoff's iPhone) to see My Sister's Keeper.
We arrived about a half hour before the movie was slated to begin. Now, please keep in mind that it was the fourth of July in Las Vegas, NV inside the Palms Casino. We nabbed the best seats in the theatre and began waiting. We waited alone. We determined since we were alone we could sit anywhere we wanted...heck, we could even lay down! No one else ever joined us. We got a private viewing!
Even more important, I think I should mention, is that this is the second movie I've ever seen in Vegas - and both times, we were the only people in the theatre.
After the movie we needed to find a grocery store to pick up some food to take back to the guys for lunch...but were disappointed to find out that there aren't any grocery stores in Vegas. (Not really, of course).

After lunch, we head over to the mall for some fun. Geoff and I had a great time hunting him down a pair of sunglasses. We also bought him a couple polos from a store called Mango (only worth mentioning, really, because it's the best name, EVER).

After the mall, we loaded into the car and went off to find a Walmart (for some necessities). We were successful - and starving, so we started driving around looking for a place to eat. We ended up at Denny's where we got surprisingly poor service considering we were their only customers.

Then we drove over to Fremont Street where they have a huge screen built over the entire street and do light shows (as tributes to bands) and virtual fireworks. There were street bands and shops and street vendors. It was a ton of fun. While on Fremont Street, I got a grain of rice with mine and Geoff's names written on it. The guy who made mine (from Khazakistan, he said - but really, China) was HILARIOUS and joked and played tricks on me the whole time. It was amazing to watch him write on the rice, too, because he didn't use any kind of magnification. I love the bracelet, not only because it's super cute, but because of the memories associated with getting it!
We stopped at the Circle K on the way back to the Venetian to pop some desperately needed popcorn and then watched a little TV while we munched. We got to bed really late that night...but knew all we really had to look forward to the next day was going home, so we didn't mind. And that was Vegas!


  1. Call me eager, call me a beaver, call me both!

    Is it just me, or do I appear to have been drinking in my photos? Just wondering.


  2. I too had the exact same comment about being an eager beaver.

    sometiems i call myself an eager monkey when it comes to reading your blog. but for the sake of poetry i'll call myself an eager b eaver.