I'm a cliche

So, in a VERY unexpected turn of events, Geoff and I have rented a new apartment! We began the moving process last night and have successfully moved all of the big furniture and the majority of our belongings to the new place (thanks in a huge, gigantic, enormous part to Scott). The new place is great. I can't believe we found something so fantastic for the price and I'm so excited to get our stuff unpacked and settled. It's a split level - so Rubio has some stairs to get used to (which is a lot harder than you might think for a blind dog), but he's already doing so much better. On a side note, Rubio had a follow-up appointment today with the eye doctor and the pressure in his eyes was back down within a normal, safe range, so the risk and concern of glaucoma is significantly decresed. They worry about glaucoma developing up to 6 months after sight is lost. But I digress.
So, anyway, I got home from work yesterday and started packing. And as I'm relatively haphazardly throwing our stuff into boxes in some sort of packing frenzy, I found myself thinking the following: "Mom is coming into town in two weeks - I better be careful not to break a nail or I'll taint my whole manicure." So, as I'm heaving boxes from the street to my apartment at 1am, I banged my knee (hard) on the concrete barrier. "Ouch," I thought, " but at least I didn't break a nail." So, today I can hardly walk due to the pain and stiffness in said knee...but I take solace in the fact that my nails still look glorious. Glad I've got my priorities in order. :-)

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  1. I got my nails done today. By DANNY! The DUDE! Yvonne is still in Vietnam; I guess she had surgery or something. It might be a cover story, though and she's probably like in the Witness Protection Program or something.

    Irritating. What about my needs?