If only I were more like my dog

I learned an important lesson this week.
I knew that moving would be somewhat of an ordeal for my dog. He went blind in the old apartment - so he already knew where everything was spatially. He could maneuver with relative ease around the apartment. Then, the next thing he knows, we've moved him to a completely different place - with stairs, nonetheless.
I even felt guilty about it for a couple days as I watched him bump into every wall, box, piece of furniture and even take a tumble or two down the stairs (despite my best intentions to keep my eye on him and help him). Especially as I encouraged him to jump up onto the bed (something he did with ease at the old apartment) and much to my surprise he slunk to the floor and let out the teeniest wimper as if to say, "mom, I'm scared."
But then something magical happened. After a couple days of trepidation, Rubio has mapped out the apartment. He knows where the steps are and goes up and down with relative ease. He jumps happily on the bed at night to snuggle up against me and Geoff. He has discovered the front door and how to inform me that he needs to go out. He found his toy basket and promptly has strewn them all about the apartment.
The moral of the story: I wish I could be half as adaptable as my dog. It did take him a couple days to get the hang of things, but he did. He didn't let his fear paralyze him from living the kind of life he was used to. He didn't let change stop him from learning and loving life.
I hope someday I can grow up to be like my dog. ;-)


  1. I hope that I can grow up to be your dog, too. But I've got less time than you, so I'd better get busy! Today!

    I'm going to "straw" my toys across the floor. (What is the present tense of "strewn", anyway?)

    Love you little muff.

  2. Oops. Be LIKE your dog, not be your dog. No need to snuggle with you and Geoff.