Flat Top

So, I awoke this morning, showered, packed lunches, packed my gym clothes and began the hike to my car. In my snow boots, wool coat and leather gloves I finally make it to the car - covered in about 8 inches of snow. Ugh, I start cleaning the windows. As usual when de-snowing the car, I left all the snow on top which creates what I affectionately refer to as a "flat top." So, I get in the car and begin the drive to work. As I exit the freeway, my car is finally warm and cozy. I see a red light up ahead and begin to slow down. As I press the brake, the entire "flat top" slides off the roof of my car and onto my windshield/hood. I quickly turn on my windshield wipers, but they do no good, I'm driving blind! I manage to pull off to the side of the road to clear the remains of the "flat top" off my hood.
Yeah, happy April.

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  1. And I'm coming out THERE next week? Are you KIDDING me?