New Place

Well, Geoff and I probably should get some sort of award for fastest move - ever. I don't even know how we managed to pull this off without either of us missing any work or other obligations. First off, we started moving Thursday night - and we got all the big furniture and boxes over. Friday night, after school and work all day, Geoff went a played with his softball team while I carried two loads of stuff in the Passat. I was in the middle of loading the third (and final) car load when Geoff joined me. We took everything back to the new place and unloaded.
Saturday we spent precisely zero time at home since we had a couple of family get-togethers (we had a great time!). Sunday, after church, we got a lot done, despite Geoff's being sick. Now all that left for me is to go back to the old place tonight and give it a thorough cleaning. I left all my cleaning supplies there and found myself in desperate need of my broom yesterday. lol.
I'm not sure when Geoff and I will ever get to be home again with our crazy schedules - but at least it's ready and waiting when we get there!

Oh - and I ended up breaking two nails. :-p

Here's a quick tour:This is more-or-less the view from the front door. To the immeidate right is the bathroom and the kitchen is up further on the right. The living room is up on the left. Straight ahead are the stairs to the bedrooms. You can see the "nook" (for lack of a better word). The bedrooms are on either side of said nook.Here's the living room (or a corner of it). It is the least finished room. Here's a shot of the kitchen. There is a shelf just above the shot that extends across 3 or the 4 walls and is a great place to display some of our collectibles. Our bedroom. Located down the stairs and to the left. This picture is taken standing in the closet (which extends the entire width of the room).


  1. Looks great! We are happy for you guys. It's always fun to get into a bigger place.

  2. If it's cold, can I have a fire in that stove while I sleep in the living room? Or will it be too dangerous for, I don't know. Somebody.