Why I Get Out Of Bed

My top 5 favorite moments of each day:

1) That first 9 minutes between the alarm going off, me pressing snooze and the alarm going off again when Geoff and I are just awake enough to enjoy those last few minutes in each other's arms.

2) My drive to work. I listen to a morning radio show when I'm driving and it usual makes me laugh out loud. Plus, the drive is just long enough to get me mentally prepared for the work day, but short enough that it's not a "commute."

3) My soda run - now that I live far enough from work that I can't go home for lunch, I take a soda run in the afternoon to get out of the office. It's a fantastic 15 minutes of my day - and it results in Diet Mountain Dew!

4) When I arrive home from the gym after work. Not only have I just completed a great workout - my little pup is always sooo excited to have me home!

5) My delicious oatmeal dinner. No explanation needed. mmmm.


  1. mmmm....soda run.....That's great you have stuff to look forward to.

  2. 6) The 8:36 a.m. email from Mama G, checking in and asking me about my day!