Top/Bottom 10

I've been formulating a top 10 list of foods in my head today (both because I love them and because they are good for you), and after reading an article about the 10 worst restaurants in America today, I've been mulling over the bottom 10 as well. For your reading pleasure:
Top 10 foods (in no particular order)
1) Oatmeal. Not only is it delicious, it seems like every day they are finding yet another way that oatmeal is good for you.
2) Yogurt. Although it's usually packed with enough sugar to be a candy bar, this is yet another amazing food that keeps getting better and better for your health. Not to mention that yoplait as turned it into a veritable dessert itself with all it's amazing flavors.
3) Apples. The old adage "an apple a day..." really seems to ring true. And, it's another delicious way to keep the doc away. Even better, there's a different apple for every taste bud - from super duper sweet, to very tart!
4) Tacos. Generally low cal (if a corn tortilla) and delicious, you can't go wrong with a little Mexican zest!
5) Eggs. High in protein and versatile, eggs are definitely on my list.
6) Whipped Cream. 'Nuff said.
7) Hot Cocoa. No matter the weather, a hot drink can soothe the mind and body.
8) Beans. They may be the musical fruit, but there's so much power packed into those little guys. My personal favs are garbanzos and black beans, but, like apples, there's a variety out there to meet everyone's taste.
9) Crystal Light. mmm. My mouth waters just thinking about all the yummy flavors. Gives water a whole new meaning for me.
10) Popcorn. A whole grain that doesn't feel like a whole grain. Skip the butter and salt and use a little "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" spray and some salt-free popcorn seasoning and you've got yoursefl quite a power-packed little treat!

And now, the bottom 10:
1) Peanut Butter Twix. Evil incarnate. Ha.
2) Graham Crackers. They act like they might have some redeemable quality because they are a "cracker" after all. Liars.
3) Chips. Lets take a starch and deep fry it in fat. Sounds like a winner.
4) Gatorade, Powerade, any other ade. Somehow this idea came up to convince people that there is something powerful about drinking 20 ounces of sugar after a workout. Stick to water, people.
5) Bloomin' Onions (or any other version of this atrocity). How they can take a 45 calorie onion and turn it into a 2300 calorie catastrophe is not only a miracle, it's a sure indicator that ingestion by humans is not intended.
6) Oreos. They may be milk's favorite cookie (and apparantly my hip's as well), but these little guys pack way too much fat to be anywhere near the good list. And now they've started putting more filling inside? Look away. And don't even get me started on those cakester versions...
7) Fruit Snacks. Like the graham crackers, these little guys try to pretend like they are full of the same nutrients as fruit or a dried fruit. It's a front - they are more like gummy bears, candy really.
8) Donuts. I love donuts, but they are bad. Just bad.
9) Corn Dogs. I once watched how these were made on TV once. Maybe it's just the fact that I saw them mass produce hot dogs (beginning with a look at the meat that goes into them), but I find these to be an unsettling foodstuff.
10) Juice. Mostly a combination of sugar and water, juice takes so much of the nutrition out of the fruit. I vote that you just eat the apple and pass on the juice. Better yet, poor yourself a cup of cranberry crystal light and munch that apple for fewer calories than the juice!

Please note that these are just my opinions and you are welcome to continue eating that oreo and/or donut in your hand. :)

Happy eating.



  1. Hooray for you! My list is a little different (where, my dear, is the Sugar-Free Jello? Doesn't everyone need a little wiggle room?) and I don't see romaine/mixed greens or chicken breast anywhere (could it be a conspiracy?) but hot diggity dog)NOT hot diggity corn-dog) for hot cereal, eggs, apples, popcorn, Crystal Light, and the memory of tacos.

    But let's be honest. Diet Vanilla Coke. Or Diet Mt. Dew. Whatever. I'm not ashamed. :>) Oh--and teeny tiny chocolate. Like 12-calorie wafers. Oh yeah.

    P.S. Is Splenda a food?
    P.S.S. I don't really remember bad foods, but what about those things they pour through a funnel into hot oil at the fair and top with an assortment of goopy, high calorie things and they look just a big like a pile of dog pop (albeit, from a big dog)?
    P.S.S.S. I will stop talking now.

  2. Gah. Ruin my life, why don't you Hambone!

  3. Dianne: FUNNEL CAKE! Those are wonderful. Don't diss.

    And remember, Donuts don't have to be bad. In fact, some of they are actually a little lower on calories. But who can eat just one? That's the real problem.

    Good food list sister. I'm sad about it, but it's good.

    I want a corn dog.

  4. A little lower in calories than what, exactly, dear brother? ;)
    Put down the corn dog and go get a taco.

  5. I must say, I LOVED reading this blog. I typically don't like hearing what you should and shouldn't eat from the experts. It's fun to hear it from a friend who adds a bit of humor to each food item. So not only do you make a valid point on each one, you put a little giggle in with it! haha! Thanks for the food-for-thought!