Hatchbacks RULE

This post may be a little delayed, but on account of the fact that my entire body blew up, I had other things on my mind.

In an effort to slim down and tone up, I've taken on a new fervor for exercise. I tend to go in some cyclical patterns when it comes to working out (i.e. I worked out for an hour 6 days a week from April 2008-Jan 2009 and worked out about 10 minutes 1 day a week from Jan 2010 to now). Well, I know I feel much better when I'm working out regularly. And since the whole owning my treadmill failed in two ways:

  1. No one wants to work out when they are at home with every possible distraction and reason not to work out in the whole world.
  2. We live on the third floor, a fact we neglected to consider when we brought the monster home. Our neighbors below were not appreciative.

we decided to return the treadmill so I (we) could get a gym membership.

When we bought the treadmill, we had the Passat. No more.

But guess what? That little Mercedes is a trooper. I dare say it fit BETTER in the Merc than the Passat.
Nicely done, little guy.

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