Oh, it's big.

So. It's the day before Easter. I'm planning the menu and the goodies and the trails the Easter Bunny is going to leave behind for the hub and I.

I'm am planning trips to Wal-Mart, Target and the Dollar Store. I am lamenting a bit the fact that there is no Big Lots in the area. I LOVE Big Lots (but why, oh why did they name it Big Lots? Seriously).

I have an idea - I've googled Big Lots in Fargo - but what about Moorhead? This wouldn't be the first time I thought something wasn't nearby because I was googling the wrong state!

I type into my phone "Big Lots, Moorhead, MN." I see the following screen:

Sweet! There is a Big Lots!

Geoff and I hop in the car and off to 2710 2nd Ave N...

to find...
The Suzuki Big Lot. Dang.


  1. ahahaha! i'm totally roaring over here!

  2. TOTALLY worth the trip just for the sign. When I'm visiting, we're going.

    I mean it.