Spring is coming in Fargo

Well, Geoff and I are officially into week 15 in North Dakota.

It's crazy to think how quickly time flies. Winter wasn't so bad. There were some days that I can't even believe how cold it was, but today we were supposed to get into the high 60s, maybe even 70s. So, we've come a long way!

The grass is starting to really green up. It's lovely. The trees are also starting to bud just a little bit. So they should start looking spring-y before too long.

Geoff and I have been taking every opportunity we've got to go bike riding in the sunshine. Fargo is F-L-A-T, which, if the wind isn't blowing 100 miles per hour, makes for fantastic bike riding.

We like to try new restaraunts. Our current fav lil' place is called Jalapenos. Geoff can't get enough of their chili relleno.

Fargo has lots of little thrift shops and we love to go hunt for good deals on the unexpected.

Geoff is over the 11-year old scouts, and I'm over Achievement Days (the 10-11 year old girls in the ward), so our Wednesday nights are spent at the church.

On our 'to-do' list: tennis (but the wind has to chill out), kite flying, roller blading, going back to the Cities for shopping and baseball, going to the Red River Zoo, finding a frozen yogurt shop, painting the apartment, figuring out what to do with the spare bedroom, finding a small side-table for the living room "nook," and lots more!


  1. I know EXACTLY what to do with the spare room! Give you a hint..it will take 9 months to fill. ;)

  2. I know what to do with the spare room: Get ready for your steady influx of summer visitors!