North of What?

So, Geoff and I are looking at google maps the other day on his phone (I'd tell you why, but we are doing this so often, that they all just blur into one big google search).

It kinda weirds me out when we pull it up and a blue dot starts blinking right where I'm standing. I mean, seriously, if I walk across my living room, the dot moves. Google knows everything. But, I digress.

Geoff zooms out to get a better view of where we are in relation to where we are going. He accidentally zoomed out too far and this is what I saw:

Huh. So THAT's where North Dakota is.

Haha. Happy Friday!

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  1. It's a good thing to realize how far north you really are. For safety reasons, of course. You must b
    e careful of those brutal border police at the Canadian line. I hear they are relentless.