Hauling @$$

So, Geoff and I have got ourselves a pretty nifty home gym setup going on. We found (at a local pawn shop) a Bowflex. Geoff was super excited to have one, and this was a killer deal, so we bought it right up. With the Passat out of commission, we went to pick up our Bowflex in the Mercedes. I have an, admittedly, poor sense of sizing, apparently, because I was sure the Bowflex would fit without a problem in the Merc. And, while it did fit, it did hang out a bit in the back.

The helpful young man who sold us the Bowflex grinned a bit when we pointed him in the direction of our two-door coupe to haul home our fitness equipment. This reminded me of a story I don't believe I ever told you, dear readers.

When Geoff and I purchased our treadmill, the whole evening was quite an ordeal. We wanted to finance it on a Walmart card because my work was going to reimburse us in monthly installments for the treadmill, and we just wanted to apply that money toward the card, rather then fork out the dough up front. But, we ran into some issues getting a card that night. We had to wait to get the card in the mail to make a purchase, but Geoff was leaving town the next day, so waiting meant we wouldn't get the treadmill for a long time. Anyway, after 45 minutes of discussion with the helpful Walmart folks, we finally paid cash. All the while, two male Walmart associates stood by with our treadmill waiting to load it into our car.

They weren't expecting to watch Geoff pull around in the Passat. "Is THAT him?" the young associate asked me. "Yup" I replied, thinking nothing of it. At this point I looked up from my receipt just in time to catch the look on his face. I've always known what incredulous meant, but I'd never actually seen it before.

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  1. So, I feel like your post is a total tease. It just kinda ends.

    How did you get the treadmill in the car? How low were you riding on the way home? Did it fit without incident? Was there more conversation?

    I'm on the edge of my seat!