To dye or to die?

Tonight I am in charge of the Young Women's activity for all the Young Women in my ward at church. I gave the girls 5 choices on Sunday to rank from favorite to least favorite (cake decorating, tie dye, physical fitness, service, and something else that has eluded me at the moment). Tie dye was far and away the winner, so that's what we are doing tonight. I've got all the supplies ready to go, instructions on hand, extra white socks for anyone who forgets to bring something to dye...now I just have to survive the evening.


  1. I'd go for Dye. But not Jermaine Dye. He deserted us.

    Can't wait to see the results! And by the way, wear something really super junky. Just in case.


  2. how fun! :)

    I didn't know you were in YW's in your ward! That is so fun!

    (I still haven't been to your new place either!)

    Have fun tonight! You'll have to post results from tonight's adventure! :)