Heart Strings...

So as Amanda already mentioned the window in the Passat decided it wanted to spontaneously blow up and it did just about that... okay, maybe not blow up, but more specifically the track decided it wanted to disconnect (to put it lightly) from the clamps that held up the glass part of the window. If this is boring anyone I'm sorry, I spent several hours disassembling it, so I know rather intimately what went wrong. Anyway, I am taking (as one of my 'for fun' classes) an automotive class about the electrical parts of a car, which might I add is what makes your car do everything! So I have access to the shop and tools and the things I need to take a deeper look into my broken window. After a couple of days driving around with plastic taped to the side of the car, I finally took it into the shop and started tearing the door apart. I was surprised at how much stuff they put in that door... or maybe just the complexity of taking it all apart, I don't know, either way it was an experience for me. I get the door all apart and see what the problem is, unfortunately I cannot get off this one really large panel, so I invite my instructor to come take a look at it. He tells me that the whole panel is part of the mechanism that has broken so I have to replace the entire thing... ugh, shoot me now. Also as Amanda mentioned, we needed a way to keep the window in the up position (because of this crazy rainy June in Utah). So I took two tennis balls and cut them with a razor blade down the middle and squished them inward to form ovals (verses there common circular nature) and stuffed them into these two small holes in the door panel which now is what the glass in the window is resting upon, tennis balls. At least tennis is a high class sport...

Well, yesterday morning I left my wallet in the Passat and so I had to drive out to Amanda's work to get it. After I picked it up, I remembered that there was a junk yard right next to Amanda's workplace. I stopped in and asked if they had any cars like my Passat (there are a couple of years that would work) and the attendant said that I could go "look." I went through the building to the backyard and started looking. Unfortunately I couldn't find an equivalent vehicle but I did stumble upon something that yanked on my heart strings...

For all you that may not recognize... This is the car that Amanda was driving when I got back from my mission and started dating, we had it while we were first married and it reminds me of great times that I spent with my wife. We really liked the Probe and it was kind of special, then it blew up.... no pun intended, it really did explode while on the freeway, it was scary. When I first saw it from across the junkyard I thought 'no way' but as I got close to it I could see that beloved A's sticker and knew right away that it was ours (plus the license plate was a dead giveaway).


  1. That's kinda cool! Who'd of thought you'd run into that again! :)

  2. Aw, the Probe. How I miss her. And her missing door panel. It seems we have a car trend. :) My heartstrings are also plucked!

  3. tennis ball in door= amazing idea.
    that is so cool that you got to see the probe!

  4. At least it's just your HEARTstrings. It's my PURSEstrings that feel that ache. Notice the missing BRAND NEW TIRES installed by a Dad who loved his little girl too much to let her perish.

    Sigh. I really don't think that is the correct license plate, however. I do not recognize it. Either I've lost my touch or . . . could it be an imposter? Haha

  5. Wow what are the chances of that? Crazy!