Bouncing Baby...

Boy or Girl?

It's that time again!  In just 13 short really long days, we are scheduled for our 20 week anatomy scan of baby Parker.  And, hopefully, we have a cooperative little one and are able to find out if this baby is a he or a she.

But, before we do, it's your turn to weigh in.  Vote in the poll to the right whether you think this little nugget of love is going to need pink or blue booties!

To help, here are my answers to some of the common gender myths, if you feel inclined to make a more educated less random guess:

  • Baby's heart rate: 150 (at my last appointment at 12 weeks)
  • Morning Sickness: More than I ever had with Mr. Will (none), but nothing terrible at all. 
  • Carrying High/Low: I feel like I'm definitely carrying higher this time then last time, but there's still not a lot of bump to see.
  • Craving: I'm not really craving a lot.  Occasionally I'll really crave fruit or yogurt.  But I am STARVING all the time.  
  • Mood: I've been much crazier this pregnancy.  My mood is all over the place.  
  • My age + number of month of conception: 31 (odd)
  • Chinese Gender Predictor: Says boy.  I would have given you the info to go calculate that yourself, but it's too complicated.  haha. 
Good luck!  


  1. I gotta go with girl, because will would be an adorable big protective brother.

  2. Woot! I finally voted. Can only do it on my computer so it took me a week or so to take the five steps to get here. HA! And I say girl as well!