CA Check-in

So, the Parker clan have been Californians for about 4 and a half months now.  I figure it's time to check-in on how everything is going for us out in the good old C-of-A. 

1) It is so beautiful here.  There's something magical about waking up to a hoar frost covered Fargo, but I am in awe of the North/East Bay Area.  Even looking out of the window of my house I can see 6 different types of trees with leaves in varying shades of green and red.  The water is minutes away.  There are bridges and redwood forests and beaches and lakes and mountains and so much to explore just around the corner.  There's so much diversity of landscape and beauty that I feel privileged to have so close. 

Just a 5-10 minute walk from the house.
2) It is more expensive.  This is not going to come a surprise to anyone, I'm sure.  But, our rent and grocery budgets have gone up (albeit, not as significantly as some might think).  Lucky for us, neither of us really have a commute, so we don't actually spend more on gas now than we did before.  I'm about ready to send Geoff back to school so we can't stop paying his school loans (ha, because MORE loans are the answer!) - but with so much to enjoy outside (see point one) there's more cheap entertainment for us. 

3) Summer is different.  When I was growing up, summer was warm and sunny while winter was chilly and wet.  It was that simple.  Summer storms did not register on my radar.  Then, after 7 years out of the area, I got used to hot summers with thunder storms rolling through and cold (frozen, really, in Fargo) winters.  I love that I can expect every day to be in the 70s and the skies to be blue and sunny during the winter.  We do get some clouds/overcast days (especially in the mornings) here and there, but generally we are mild and lovely.  I'd be lying if I said we didn't miss a good thunder storm every once in awhile, but we'll make do without them. :-)
Will's new backpack kills me.  He likes to make it fly and say "Buzzzzz!"
4) Work is going well.  For both of us.  Geoff just finished his manager training curriculum and completed his GIA (Gemological Institution of America) certification, so he's legit.  And things are going well for me.  We are both really happy in our current positions and are happy about the changes for us career-wise.

5)  We miss our friends.  Everything with our move happened so fast that I feel like we didn't leave things very "finished" in Fargo.  We had a great life out there and it's weird that it just up and ended!  This move has been good for us, especially to bring us closer to family and where we wanted to be long-term, but it's been a longer adjustment than expected because of the circumstances.  We had a visit this weekend from some of our best friends (who aren't in Fargo anymore, either), but it was SO good to see them and we miss all our Fargo friends.

Overall, we are trying to enjoy every minute of this new life we are building (and it's not hard to do so).  We are excited for our new little one to join us in January and are, admittedly, glad it won't be negative 10 (or colder) on the day our little one is born.  But, there is joy to be found no matter where you live - you just have to make sure to look for it! 


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