Life is Precious

Disclaimer: This is such a hard topic to put on my blog.  I feel like with such a sensitive topic, it's so easy to be misunderstood.  So, please read with an open mind.

So, I'd be lying if I didn't say that it was a little bit of a tough, emotional weekend for me.  August 11th would have been my due date for my little one that I lost in January.  I have a lot of faith that things work the way they are supposed to and there is no way I could adequately express (without sounding like a weirdo - yet, here I am, attempting it anyway) how much I learned from that little baby.  But I am truly grateful for the experience that I was able to have.  That little baby gave me so much in 9 weeks. 

So much more appreciation for my incredible little boy who I can't help by squeeze just a little tighter when I realize just how precious of a gift it is to have him in my life.

So much more determination to find a new job to bring me closer to family.

So much appreciation for my own body (which I give a hard time a lot) and the amazing things it can do.

So much more faith that there are far greater things than the life and death we experience here.

So much more love for those around me.

So much more compassion for those who experience issues with fertility.

So much strength I didn't know I had.

I'm so blessed and excited to be able to be pregnant again and that things are going so well for this new little one - one I wouldn't be able to meet if I had given birth a few days ago.  So, while it is hard to pass a milestone like this, I am so grateful for that little one and the changes that were brought into my life because of that little life, however brief. 

Note: I think I ended up sounding like a weirdo.

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  1. Not a weirdo at all. I felt a lot of those same feelings with my experience too.