Where's Your Money?

So, I was thinking about baby names the other day.  And, no, I'm not expecting more children anytime soon. 

I happened like this. 

I spend a lot of time at Walmart.  There is a Super (Dooper) Walmart about a mile from my house and it's a go-to most days of the week to grab what I've forgotten here or there. 

And, thus, my mind began to wander (as it so often does) and I thought what if we had to name our children after the places we spend the most discretionary money? 

With the amount of time I spend at Walmart and Burlington, we'd have Wally and Burl. 

Geoff's visits to McDonald's and DQ would certainly end us up with a Ronald and Queenie. 

But then comes the question - how do you name your child after Tutti Fruiti (self-.serve frozen yogurt bar)?


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