Mondays really are the hardest day of the week. 

Not just because:

1) They signify the end of the weekend.
2) Between me starting the work day at 7:30am and Geoff ending his work day at 9:30pm, it means I've got five straight days where I see him for about 3 hours a day. 
3) I usually wake up to find that I really DO wish I'd finished that load of dishes the night before.
4) I go from having driven the 2011 Kia Optima all weekend to driving the 1994 VW Passat. 

But mostly because after spending two straight days at home with my boy - leaving to go to work is the worst.  I cherish my weekends so much these days.  Will and I have such a great schedule figured out.  Between grocery shopping, visiting dad at work, and cleaning together on Saturday and church and cooking on Sunday (not to mention a lot of playing, napping and, sometimes, skyping with grandma) our weekends are wonderful. 

I'm glad he gets to spend his days with his dad...but every Monday breaks my heart just a little. 

And I even like my job.  So, I guess it could be even worse!

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  1. Maybe it would help if we skyped on weekdays too! I'm willing to bite the bullet!