Two Things

Hello, dear reader(s),

I know I've been a crappy blogger of late.  I assure you it has nothing to do with the lack of interesting blog topics or that we are living a boring life.  Quite the opposite.  With how busy we are, it's hard to find a time to sit down in front of the computer for 20 minutes and update the Internet on our lives.  But, when my mom starts threatening to write guests posts, it becomes clear I need to get my blog on. 

First: Please see the new poll to the right of this post.  Geoff and I get to find out the sex (well, hopefully!) of our little peanut in 10 days.  I'd love to have everyone tell us if they think boy or girl and we can see who's right! 

For those of you who like to use those superstitions, here's some information that may (or, more likely, may not) be helpful:  Baby's heartbeat was 150 at my last appt. I sleep with my head facing south - although we recently moved the bed, it used to be facing west. I don't have much of a bump yet, but what I do have is low in my abdomen.  My primary cravings have been salty, not sweet.  Good luck!

Second:  Last week on Sunday night, we had our first tornado warning in Fargo.  The weather went from dreary to INSANE in just a matter of minutes.  We weren't home when the sirens went off, so we took shelter with some friends at the University.  Luckily everyone was safe and with the exception of some wind damage, all is well. 

When we did get home after the storm had died down, we found that a trampoline had arrived in our backyard - taking out a chunk of the fence on its way in.  Luckily the fence is brand new (6 months), so the fence stood rock solid and we just need to replace a few boards.  Below are some pics of the damage to our yard and around town (bent street lights and knocked over semi-trailers). 


  1. Good heavens...I have no idea what those superstitions are supposed to mean!

    Glad you're all safe!

  2. I added a link for you, C, to identify what all that superstition craziness is all about.

  3. based on your heart rate, i would say boy, but i voted girl because i just have a feeling! ;)

  4. well, not *your* heartrate. ahem. i meant baby parker's heartrate. :)

  5. I have a feeling too. GIRL GIRL GIRL! Did I mention GIRL?

    Let's see ... frigid temps, ice storms, tornadoes, floods. I'm sticking with California.

    P.S. Didi I mention GIRL?

    I will still love her if she's a boy. No worries!