Carry On

Life with a baby in your belly can be a little bit bizarre.  One day you are all alone in your body and then the next you find out you've got a passenger.  Then - life goes back to normal.  One day you are sitting in a room with an ultrasound tech and you are watching your child squirm and wiggle and finding out he's got man-parts.  Then - life goes back to normal. 

Anywho, so, life is pretty much back to normal around here.  Geoff started his third summer class (this one didn't start until a few weeks after the first two) at the university.  By my calculations he's only about 3-4 semesters away from graduation - which is an exciting prospect!  I think it's hard to work full time, go to school full time and prepare for fatherhood, but I admire Geoff's willingness and ability to go for it and work hard and be willing to let life take him on whatever rollercoaster it brings.  I'm also infinitely grateful for my own college education and the ability that I have to work at a wonderful job and that we can work together to build what is shaping up to be a great life for us and our family. 

I started crocheting a hippopotamus last night.  A few weeks back I ordered some books off Amazon detailing how to create all kinds of awesome creatures.  From bears to monkeys to giraffes to doggies and even a loch ness monster.  I decided to start with the hippo because he was the only animal with one color, and I figured that would be the easiest place to start.  I'm about 80% of the way done with him.  Hopefully I'll have a picture for you tomorrow or Thursday to show off my skills (or lack thereof).  My crochet skills are still in their infancy and the amigurumi technique is new to me (although so far not too hard at all). 

So, not a very exciting blog post, but also not too much crazy to talk about. 

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  1. Once Ace arrives, normal won't exist anymore! Wink, wink.

    Three trips to Walmart later ... how's the hippo?