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This weekend was a good one.  REALLY lazy.  But with the week I've got waiting ahead for me, I'm glad to have had some lazy time. 

I did put up a top-of-stair baby gate this weekend to prevent Rom from going down to our lower level without supervision.  He is such a good dog, but something about our new couch down there has inspired him to make it clear that it "belongs" to him, if you get my drift.  Anyway, rather than dealing with punishment or locking him up when he's not supervised, it seemed easiest to put up the baby gate.  We'll be needing it before too long anyway, so it can't hurt the dogs to get used to the concept long before there's also a tiny, screaming human to adapt to as well. 

Even better is the fact that the baby gate was another fantastic thrift store find.  New, those things cost upwards of $40, but we got ours for about $5 in pretty much new condition.  I'm very pleased with that. 

I've got a business trip this week, so it should be a busy week, but a good one. 

Next week Geoff and I have asked for a couple days off - although our vacation destination has yet to be decided.  I have a feeling that, whatever it is, it may involve a need for maternity swimsuit shopping which may be the end of me. 

((As a side note to that, I was teaching my primary kids this week and one of the girls (whose mom is also pregnant and due around the same time with a little boy) said to me, "You already know what kind of baby you are having?  Your belly isn't very big if that's true."  Excellent.  Even if it came from a 6 year old.))

Wish me luck.

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  1. Let's see some tummy shots! :) Good luck with your business trip! :)