Last weekend, Geoff and I undertook a large project (and by "Geoff and I" I really mean Geoff, since I'm relatively useless when it comes to heavy lifting and hard labor these days).  When we bought our house, we inherited a large, home-made play set in our backyard.  In defense of the dude who built it, it was very well-built.  However, it appeared to be pretty old and was quite a splinter factory; just something we didn't need or want in our yard.  So, we knew we wanted to get rid of it.  Well, the thing weighed about a ton and once we built the fence, there was really no way to get it off our lot whole, so Geoff began tearing it apart...piece by piece.  I neglected to grab a picture before he started, because there was even more to it, but below is a picture of said play set during demolition..

As Geoff took the behemoth apart, the next question came up - what to do with the wood?  Well, Geoff decided to start cutting it down into firewood.  At this decision I was a little surprised, since we don't have a fireplace.  This is when the brain child was born that we should have a firepit in our backyard. 

After Geoff finished dismantling the play set and sawing all the wood (using power tools) and I piled it all up into a wood pile, we were left with what happened to be the world's most perfect spot for a fire pit.  The play set was on the back of the lot away from any trees or buildings and underneath it was a perfect patch of grass-free dirt. 

We bought bricks to build the pit itself and hauled then home (a feat at which I was particularly useless).  Here is what the project looked like at this point:
Geoff leveled the dirt and began placing bricks (while I sat in a lawn chair, flanked by dogs, drinking Powerade Zero).  By the end of Memorial Day, it looked like this:
 This weekend we finally got the time to get the final supplies to finish off the project and here's what we've got:

Great job, Geoff!  I look forward to many summer nights roasting marshmallows by the firepit!

P.S. Don't forget to vote on the sex of the baby!  7 days left!

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  1. Seriously, I cannot wait to roast stuff! I LOVE.

    P.S. I vote for GIIIRRRLLL

    But I'll love her even if she's a boy.