I've got boxes and tape...what's next?

Top Ten Reasons I need to start packing:

1) We close on the house in 18 days.

2) Geoff has been collecting boxes from work and the more they pile up, the more daunting it looks.

3) We only need to use about 10% of our stuff over the next 18 days. The rest can be packed.

4) It will make the upcoming move seem more "real." (Right now it feels kind of surreal)

5) Neither of us are taking and time off work for the move, so we really only have evenings and weekends to get it done.

6) The temperature is rapidly dropping, so even though we have the apartment through the end of the year, we really do want to move all our stuff to the new house before it is really winter in Fargo.

7) Mom and Pop might be coming out for Thanksgiving!

8) It will help keep me from late night snacking.

9) I've been watching way too much Hulu since Fall TV premiered.

10) We're buying a house!

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  1. Start wrapping that turkey in bacon and get that turkey fryer heating up!